there's nothing yet. there's no hope here but even so... ex nihilo, non omnis moriar.


/ˈnebyələsˈno͞oməˌnän/- a hazy thing just outside of any possible perception

my head hurts

what is up with bubbles?

what is this trope I always see in anime and stuff where there is fecking bubbles everywhere? I am gonna b str8 with you, I have nothing gainst bubbles but... Hot damn, what is with the silent use of them and no one mentioning it as a trope anywhere? Huh? What? I mean, come on... bubbles! Rainbow bubbles of fantasty mystery, Light Pink Romance Bubbles With Roses or something... Bubbles! Over the top bubbles that need to be stopped! Or categorized! Lets log every bubble we see. What type of bubble was the last kind you saw?